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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Anthem Lights

Prepare yourself for a night where the music of Anthem Lights will echo through the hills of Saratoga. The Mountain Winery is proud to host these lively vocalists on the 14th of May, 2024, where songs blend with the brilliance of the vineyard.

Anthem Lights, famous for their harmonious renditions and viral medleys, will grace the stage, bringing their most beloved songs to life. Have you ever felt the goosebumps listening to "Can't Get Over You" or found yourself humming to "Just Be You"? This is your chance to experience these tracks and more, in the flesh.

Recognized for catapulting to fame on YouTube and engrossing audiences throughout America, Anthem Lights promises a show that is anything but ordinary. From chart-bursting covers to show stopping originals, their inspiring range is set to showcase at this exclusive location.

Tickets are available starting at $70—investment in an exceptional night of pop/rock excellence. Don't delay in getting your hands on these tickets. Let the attraction of Anthem Lights, under the Californian sky, make for a truly alluring experience. Click to buy now and ensure your spot in the amphitheater amongst the other elated fans!

Anthem Lights 2024 Tour

Prepare for an eventful night at the iconic Mountain Winery as Anthem Lights brightens up Saratoga, California, with their harmonious sounds on Tuesday, 14th May 2024. Fans of the celebrated vocal group can anticipate a celestial blend of top hits and fan favorites, all delivered within the natural richness and historic beauty of one of America's most distinguished live music venues. Prices for this musical extravaganza start at just $70, providing the opportunity for a myriad of fans to partake in this auditory delight.

Anthem Lights

The band, hailing from Nashville, TN, is composed of the talented quartet—Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper and Spencer Kane. Known for their perfect vocal blend and contemporary spin on Christian pop, they've honoured the airwaves with chart-topping tunes and breathtaking renditions of beloved classics. With a solid repertoire that includes hits like "Can't Get Over You" and emotive medleys that reverberate with many, Anthem Lights has proven their staying power in the industry. The latest member Joey Stamper brings new energy to the group, continuing their journey of melody and faith. They have captivated a robust social media following and achieved laudable feats, including a phenomenal YouTube presence with well over a million subscribers—a evedence for their broad appeal and the devotion of their fans.

Mountain Winery Information

The Mountain Winery, situated above Silicon Valley, boasts a history steeped in viticulture and entertainment excellence. As a venue known for its friendly outdoor amphitheater seating up to 2,500 guests, it provides an unmatched atmosphere for live concerts. A site of grandeur with over 600 acres of scenic beauty, it serves as the optimal backdrop for the harmonic artistry of Anthem Lights. The opulent surroundings echo the venue's legacy, where craftsmanship in music and wine converges. For inquiries regarding amenities and seating options, please reach out to the Mountain Winery directly.

Ticket Information

Secure your spot for this transcendent musical journey as Anthem Lights presents an evening of songs and stories that lift the spirit and touch the soul. Tickets are available through the trusted marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Ensure you click the "buy tickets" button for a safe and seamless purchase. With the stars above and the lush vineyards surrounding you, experience Anthem Lights as part of their exciting 2024 tour, and be swept away by the magic of their tunes in a venue unmatched in richness and history.

Anthem Lights at Mountain Winery

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