India.Arie at Mountain Winery

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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Your favourite artist is finally making thir way to California at a venue near you – Mountain Winery Amphitheater! Its time to prepare yourself and gear up for the show of a lifetime as India.Arie will be showcasing every bit of musical talent and entertainment you could dream of! For one night only you can be a part of the most unforgettable performance. India.Arie is known for bringing people together and creating a relaxed, intimate concert setting – it's going to be a special night!

India.Arie at Mountain Winery Amphitheater

Attention all music fans! This September, the center of all music happenings will be in Saratoga. Take out your calendars and circle Monday 23rd September 2019 in red as it’s not something you’d want to miss! On that day, Mountain Winery Amphitheater will be pulsing with thousands of fans dancing and singing to the hits of India.Arie. Yes, you read that right, India.Arie will be performing live in Saratoga this year and you have the unique opportunity to be a part of what’s likely to be a memorable music event. Be alerted – tickets are quickly selling out for this event so make sure you get yours in time!

India.Arie is one of those artists that only comes around once in a blue moon, this sensational singer and songwriter, made it clear from the get go that she wasnt one to fit into the mould or in the ideal 'Pop-Star' catergory with her looks and also her musical sound. Starting off with a beautiful, sensual acoustic sound, India.Arie brought an unforgettable collection of songs to life, with her albums from Acoustic Soul, to Voyage to India and her Testimony No.1 and No.2 additions.

All of India.Arie's songs have given a pure and untouched insight into the spirtiual way of life, discussing all matters of life in her lyrics, whether that was personal growth, stories about her love life and general feel goodness. Just a few of these groundbreaking singles included; Brown Skin, Video, Ready for Love, The Truth, Get It Together, Can I Walk With You… plus so many more, the list is pretty much endless.

Now in 2019, India.Arie is back in her full glory, with a slightly different soundscape that takes her career to a more mainstream and modern sound, but still stays true to her magical, heartfelt and raw musical style. To celebrate the arrival of her 2019 album, Worthy, she takes to the road to give her fans yet another incredible chance to see her live in concert.

Come and be blown away by India.Arie's natural performance skills and of course her powerful music!

India.Arie at Mountain Winery Amphitheater

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