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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Jim Gaffigan

Get ready for an evening of pure comedy genius from the Mr. Universe himself! We are talking about the one and only Jim Gaffigan, who will bring his hilarious antics and unique storytelling abilities to Saratoga, California's Mountain Winery. Catch the "everyman" of comedy this June 21 on a Friday night you won't forget. "Barely Alive," Gaffigan's 2024 tour will feature his trademark "clean" humor for all comedy lovers to enjoy. Gaffigan has the ability to turn an ordinary topic into rib-tickling material that will make every audience member laugh down the aisle. Even if he is just talking about the most mundane things like his Starbucks coffee or his funny observation of how the Canadian flag is made, Gaffigan will make you laugh the entire show. No dull moment — and this show won't be an exemption. No matter what he's talking about—food, parenting, or anything else—there's always a hilarious punchline that will have you in fits of laughter. You must see it for yourself; do not rely on our word alone. To purchase your show tickets, simply click the "Get Tickets" link.

Once in a while, the entertainment world is gifted of comedians that are truly unique. The ones who don’t rely on big stage antics or roasting people in making their audience laugh. With the power of master storytelling, these comedians find humor in even the most ordinary of things. One of these comedians is Jim Gaffigan. The American stand-up comedian and actor always finds a way to make his words itch, whether he's talking about his interest in newspapers or his goal of becoming an anesthesiologist. He is the kind of person that lets the humor sink in slowly, as opposed to those who express themselves through fast speech. Because he doesn't resort to vulgar jokes to make people laugh, he is also thought of as a “clean comic.” But no matter what, he is a comic genius who will make you gasp for air as soon as his skits start.

Gaffigan’s unique comedy style may set him apart from others, and some might say that he is so effortless in doing it. However, it took him years to master the style that he has. It took him a long time to figure out his own comedic voice. After coming across observational standup, he has continued with it consistently. Additionally, he discovered that he excels at soliloquies. As soon as he identified his style, things started to go uphill for him. He had been relentlessly trying out for six years before making his big debut on David Letterman's “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Cliche as it may sound, after his performance in the show, the rest is history.

From there, Gaffigan was able to release one stand-up special after another till Comedy Central featured him. He supplemented this with recordings that he gradually put into albums over the course of his career. His finest stand-up albums include "Beyond the Pale," "King Baby," "Noble Ape," and "Comedy Monster."

In addition to his career as a comedian, Jim Gaffigan also made waves in the acting world. He has been in thrillers, dramas, and most recently, “Peter Pan & Wendy,” playing the role of Mr. Smee.

As part of his 2024 “Barely Alive Tour,” the iconic comic will visit the beautiful Mountain Winery on June 21. You are cordially invited to attend his hilarious performance at the famous Saratoga, California venue. So, reserve your seats immediately!

Jim Gaffigan at Mountain Winery

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