Los Lonely Boys at Mountain Winery

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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Prepare for an unforgettable evening with the captivating Tex-Mex rock vibes of Los Lonely Boys at the scenic Mountain Winery. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, 8th August 2023! This dynamic brotherly trio, renowned for their fusion of rock, blues, soul, and country elements, promises an electrifying show. They've captured hearts worldwide with their chart-topping hits, including their Grammy-snatching single, Heaven. With six studio albums under their belts and a dedicated fanbase of loyal listeners, Los Lonely Boys have carved a unique niche in the music world with their "Texican Rock n' Roll" style, deeply influenced by their rich Latino roots. In short, Los Lonely Boys are a musical treasure, and this is your rare chance to experience their vibrant energy live and in person. Don't let this spectacular show slip by, get your tickets now for a truly memorable night before they're all gone!

Los Lonely Boys at Mountain Winery

Simply calling Los Lonely Boys a band barely scratches the surface of who these three Garza brothers truly are. Their unique "Texican Rock n' Roll" has been a breath of fresh air on the music scene. Raised on the Tejano tunes of their father, the brothers began strumming instruments early in life. They've since spun this familial musical influence into a sound distinctly their own, weaving together elements of rock 'n' roll, blues, soul, and country.

The world took notice in 2004 when they released their self-titled album, featuring the Grammy-winning hit Heaven. From that moment, Los Lonely Boys have consistently climbed the charts with six studio albums, cultivating a global fanbase. Their music, steeped in their heritage and showcasing their remarkable musical talent, strikes a chord with listeners of all generations.

In 2023, they've been touring with their newest album, a fiery display of their innovative Tex-Mex style. Selling out venues nationwide, they've solidified their enduring appeal and dynamic musical presence. Their distinct sound and style have echoed through the ages, securing their place as one of the most unique acts in music.

Endearingly referred to as "The Boys" by their fans, the brothers' live performances are a spectacle of contagious energy and soul-stirring harmonies that have crowds singing along all night. A Los Lonely Boys concert is not just a show, it's an immersive experience that leaves audiences buzzing with exhilaration, eagerly awaiting the next tune.

And now, the stage is set for their performance at the stunning Mountain Winery on Tuesday, 8th August 2023. Nestled in California's picturesque wine country, this outdoor venue provides the perfect setting for the band's vibrant performance. It's a rare opportunity to witness a band whose music shatters boundaries and touches the soul.

So, jot down the date, 8th August 2023, and make sure you don't miss this electrifying performance. Los Lonely Boys are geared up to deliver a magical night of music under the starlit sky. Act fast, buy your tickets now for an unforgettable show before they sell out!

Los Lonely Boys at Mountain Winery

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