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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Hurry up! This isn't a dream, it's Fantasy! The French masters of synth-pop, M83, just launched its newest album "Fantasy", along with a roster of North American tour dates in support of their new material. The new album features their new singles "Oceans Niagara" and "Amnesia" which they'll take alongside their biggest hits to the live stage at Mountain Winery on Saturday, 7th of October 2023. Taking a new direction with an emphasis on guitars in their new material, M83 is set to drop big surprises at their live shows. As the "Midnight City" dreamers take on a new era of synths, guitars, and electronic dream pop, M83 is pumped up to celebrate like it's a fantasy, live on stage. Over ten years since their big break with "Hurry Up We're Dreaming", M83 continues to move hearts and minds with its unique blend of dream pop and EDM. Don't miss out on M83's Fantasy live on tour by booking your tickets now!

M83 at Mountain Winery

Dominating the scene for their hit single "Midnight City" off of their 2011 release "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming", M83 quickly became a global favorite for their ambient dream-pop and electronic synth-pop sound. With 9 albums up their sleeve, they're definitely an iconic artist in the industry. M83 just released its newest LP, "Fantasy", sharing its new singles "Oceans Niagara" and "Amnesia". Introducing a new focus on guitars for their new record, M83 continues to grow and develop its sound, living a fantasy of limitless possibilities.

"I wanted this record to be very impactful live," Gonzales shared about "Fantasy". "The idea was to come back with something closer to the energy of [2005’s] Before the Dawn Heals Us. The combination of guitars and synths is always in my music, but it’s maybe more present on this new record than on the previous ones."

"Oceans Niagara", the first song revealed from the album, serves the eccentric energy of adventure, driven by triumphant melodies in a guitar-driven M83 dream-pop landscape. "It’s this sense of going forward, like a magic potion that you take to discover new worlds," he shared about the track.

Moving beyond adventure in "Fantasy", M83 definitely soared new heights as the record marks its first release since 2019's "DSVII" or Digital Shades, Vol. II. Their 2019 release produced crowd-favorite singles "Temple of Sorrow" and "Lune de fiel".

With new music ready to shake live audiences, M83 is definitely ready to make its big return to touring, following its tenth anniversary for Hurry Up, We're Dreaming's big break. The album earned the band a Grammy nomination, and bagged Platinum certifications for its hit single "Midnight City".

"It's mainly about dreams, how every one is different," Gonzales told Spin. "How you dream differently when you're a kid, a teenager, or an adult. I'm really proud of it."

As "Fantasy" marks a new era for M83, make sure to sign up for the big adventure at its live shows across North America this 2023. Don't miss out on M83's biggest hits, fan favorites, new music, and big surprises live at Mountain Winery by booking those tickets now!

M83 at Mountain Winery

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