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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Natalie Merchant

Are you in awe of Natalie Merchant's new album? You are not alone, as thousands of fans have been enthralled by her "Keep Your Courage" album. Dubbed by critics as "alchemy in the highest form possible," the songs in Merchant's latest album are simply some of the best she has since the start of her career. And if you want to hear her perform her latest hits, including "Sister Tilly," "Big Girls," "The Feast of Saint Valentine," and "Narcissus," among many others, you might want to hit that "Get Tickets" link to get a front row seat to Merchant's concert at the Mountain Winery Amphitheatre. Yes, you are reading that right. The award-winning artist will be back in the famous Saratoga, California, venue for her "Keep Your Courage Tour." Mountain Winery is the perfect venue for an intimate and enchanting evening with Natalie Merchant, and her "Keep Your Courage Tour" promises to be a musical journey that captivates the soul. It's a concert that promises to be a highlight for both devoted fans and those discovering the magic of Natalie Merchant for the first time. So, click that link, get your tickets, and prepare for an evening of musical enchantment under the stars in Saratoga.

Natalie Anne Merchant is an American alternative rock singer-songwriter and former lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the band 10,000 Maniacs (formerly Still Life). She joined the band when she was a college student and stayed with them until their first seven albums. In 1993, she left the group to pursue a solo career. Natalie was raised by a mother who banished television from the household but emphasized music as well as a connection to nature. In her teenage years, she became interested in folk music.

Her debut solo album “Tigerlily,” which was released in June 1995, became a commercial and critical success as it reached spot number 13 on the Billboard Top 200 while generating the Top Ten hit “Carnival,” along with subsequent singles “Wonder” and “Jealousy.” By the end of 1996, the album was certified triple-platinum, and it would subsequently be certified platinum five times. After selling 5 million copies since its release, it continues to be her most successful album to date.

Four days before the lockdown, Natalie had major spine surgery with three bones removed from her neck and an incision made over her vocal cords. She lost her voice and suffered nerve damage in her right hand. It took nine months to get her voice back and a year to get her hand to behave. On April 14, 2023, she released her 8th solo album called “Keep Your Courage.” This 10-track collection got its title from the last song, “The Feast of Saint Valentine,” with the lyrics, “In the deep and darkest night of your soul/When you curse and rue the day that you did dare to give your heart away/Take courage in the thought that you belong.”

In an interview, she stated, “This album grew out of all that. It was a health crisis, but also everything was in crisis in the world. We all turned inward and held on to each other. And the only thing that really mattered was love. Love and caring for people.”

Featuring her newest solo album, she is currently touring across the country and has upcoming concerts, including the one that will be held at Mountain Winery on Tuesday, 28 May 2024. Tickets are now available, so what are you still waiting for? Get yours now!

Natalie Merchant at Mountain Winery

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