The Fab Four – The Ultimate Tribute at Mountain Winery

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute Tickets

Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

The Emmy Award-winning tribute band, that are arguably the very best at emulating the Beatles, this is The Fab Four – The Ultimate Tribute coming to NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Saturday, August 19th 2023. Known for being one of the few bands to play the entire Beatles' songbook, as well as solo singles of the original band members, the Fab Four have continued to sell out venues and stadiums since as far back as the late 90s. So, buy some tickets and get ready to jam away to your favorite Beatles hits in a twisted time warp as the Ultimate Tribute takes you back to when not only England ruled the waves, but Liverpool ruled the radio waves!

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute at Mountain Winery

Since 2019, the most common Fab Four lineups have been Ardy Sarraf as Paul McCartney, Adam Hastings as John Lennon, Gavin Pring as George Harrison, and Joe Bologna as Ringo Starr. The lineup varies between shows, so instead you could expect to see Ron McNeil, Jon Fickes, Neil Candelora, Joshua Jones, Doug Couture, Robbie Berg, Erik Fidel, or Richard Lewis on stage.

A Fab Four Christmas, Have Yourself an FAB-ulous Little Christmas, and HARK! are the band's three Christmas theme albums. They also have two live albums, The Ultimate Beatles Tribute in Concert, Vol. 1 and TV Special Soundtrack, which is a recording of their EMMY Award-winning PBS special, The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute, which was recorded live at Pechanga Resort & Casino in January 2012.

The Beatles may be credited with inspiring the formation of genuine tribute bands, in which each group member was responsible for rivaling either John, Paul, George, or Ringo. It is believed that the tribute band's history began with Elvis impersonation in the early 1960s. Until now, audiences had only seen "tribute acts" performed by a solo artist, such as Elvis impersonators. In the case of Elvis, it's difficult to pinpoint when and where the first Beatles tribute band began performing. One of the primary reasons tribute bands became so popular so quickly was their dedication to the original group. An attempt to keep the music of legends such as ABBA, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and others alive and discoverable for a new generation of music fans.

A trend began to emerge in the 1980s and 1990s, and tribute bands held concerts during this time. Breaking out of the shadows, tribute bands like Aussie Floyd were no longer satisfied with playing in clubs or local festivals. Instead, they started a concert tradition, and their repertoire expanded to include concept albums played in their entirety, attracting die-hard Pink Floyd fans. The 1980s brought with them an unanticipated and unexpected, debatable issue: whether tribute bands are legal. The popularity of tribute bands and their use of large venues for concerts raised concerns about copyright infringement. Some established artists did not want tribute bands to perform their music and took legal action to stop them.

However, as bands like Aussie Floyd, Björn Again, and others began selling out sold-out concerts around the world. The success of international concerts and tours was another pivotal moment in the history of tribute bands. With the original band's popularity came the availability of a limited number of tickets to performances, and marketeers quickly latched onto the idea of emulating the original artists and making tickets to very similar, if not authentic, live performances and shows available.

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute at Mountain Winery

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