Trevor Hall at Mountain Winery

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Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Known for his signature blend of folk, roots, and reggae, Trevor Hall is set to explore 'the great in-between' with The California Honeydrops, plotting a special summer tour, coming to you live at Moutain Winery on Sunday, 18th of June 2023. As summer drops the heat, Trevor Hall is definitely cooling the night down with his indie masterpieces that serve timeless anthems relating to life's struggles, love, and growth. His newest album, "In And Through The Body" perfectly encapsulates why fans listen to his records in the first place. With a fusion of genres and influences matched with relatable lyrics that hit hard in the feels, Trevor Hall definitely became a master of his craft. As the man embarks on a cross-country mission of serving new anthems from "In And Through The Body", his fan favorites, and biggest hits across summer nights, make sure to save your spot for the great in-between by booking your tickets now!

Trevor Hall at Mountain Winery

Hitting the road with The California Honeydrops this coming summer, Trevor Hall is set to share his passion and unique artistry live on stage. Fans can expect the life-affirming singer to perform his new material off of "In And Through The Body", along with crowd-favorites and several of his acclaimed hits. With music that explores themes of spirituality and life exploration, Hall continues to share his wide range of influences both thematically and musically across his songs including "Unity", "To Zion", "Moon/Sun", "What I Know", "Fire In Your House", and "My God".

Earlier this year, Trevor Hall and the great in-between released his newest masterpiece, "All of My Lessons". Singing "All of my lessons, they come in the form of a sound, I am a bird that is waiting for them to come down", Hall explores life's path in an introspective track, delivered in his signature soul-healing production that fans continue to commend him for.

Though word of a new album is yet to come out, Trevor Hall's last major release "In And Through The Body" was met with critical acclaim for its soul-healing effect on listeners. In a review by Nicole Lise Feingold published on GratefulWeb, she shares that the album "helped me realize, before heading down the doctor maze, my newest ailments are just the peculiar way I manifest the chaos around me. Unorthodox approaches are required to heal this bothersome condition. Fortunately, in Hall, I discovered a musical shaman".

Driven by purpose, Hall continues his passion to create music intended for the soul. Exploring spirituality and different themes revolving around life, he blends this with a "palette of genres that span from folk, roots-rock, indie, and electronic, all with a consistent wash of authentic far-Eastern influence". All in all, serving a listening experience that helps heal whatever one might be going through.

Committed to sharing music that possesses healing power, Hall previously shared that he treats his craft as karma yoga, hoping that his music should have the power to help people. "My creative life reflected my internal life. For me, music is now a puja, an offering. As Bob Marley says, give thanks and praises," he shared with Yoga Journal. "We are in this life not only for our own selfish desires but to benefit mankind."

As Trevor Hall hits the road with The California Honeydrops this summer, make sure to save your spots at his Mountain Winery show on June 18th by booking those tickets now!

Trevor Hall at Mountain Winery

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