The Mountain Winery Amphitheater features on-site parking, charged at a rate on Concert Nights of $20 per vehicle. Visitors are encouraged to carpool, with a discounted rate of $15 offered to cars of three or more people. Only motor vehicles may be permitted on the Mountain Winery Driveway. Pedestrians and cyclists may not pass beyond this point. Limited parking is available for those with disabilities or those who require additional assistance – please inform staff of your needs upon arrival at the gates.

Parking is free if you’re visiting Mountain Winery for wine tasting or Signature Events. If you’re coming to see a concert, charges will apply. You can book your parking space ahead of time, when you purchase your tickets.

General Parking

General parking is available on-site, at a charge of $25 per vehicle. This is reduced to $20 if you’re carpooling with three or more passengers.

Accessible Parking

ADA parking is available on site, but it’s fairly limited. It’s charged at $25 per vehicle, with a $5 reduction for three or more passengers who are carpooling. You can use an ADA shuttle service between the parking lot and the winery’s Main Plaza.

Special assistance is also available if you need it. Please ask a Mountain Winery representative at the gates.

Premium Parking

Premium Parking is conveniently located in Lot #1, close to Mountain Winery main entrance. A limited number of reserved spaces are available, at a cost of $45. You can also pay this amount on arrival, if any spaces are still available. If you want to be sure of a spot, you can pre-purchase your space when you book your tickets.


Parking opens 2½ hours before the concerts begin.

Only motor vehicles are permitted on the driveway inside Mountain Winery’s main entrance. For safety reasons, no pedestrians or cyclists are allowed. Ride sharing is accommodated, but there’s a long wait to depart after the show and there’s no access to rideshare vehicles beyond the main gates.

A full-service transportation option for groups is offered by the winery. Contact them directly for rates.