Mountain Winery Seating Chart

Mountain Winery is a cozy outdoor amphitheater, seating just 2,500. This means every performance is an exceptional experience, both for the stars and the audience. According to Buzzfeed, The Mountain Winery is ranked among the nation’s Coolest Concert Venues. It’s laid out in typical amphitheater style, with a striking stage backdrop. This is provided by a 12th-Century Spanish portal, which originally formed the doors of the historic Winery Building. A range of seating options is available, and you can combine this with dinner before the show.

mountain winery seating chart

Patrons are asked to stick to their original assigned seats on the day of the performance, as switching around will cause confusion. Seating is clearly labelled and set out, but if you experience any difficulty at all, please ask one of steward staff. They will be more than happy to assist you. Once the performance starts, audience members are asked to remain seated until interval or the end of the performance. If you are required to leave for any reason during, please do so as considerately as possible.

Amphitheater Seating

The amphitheater design is a half circle facing the stage. It’s split up into various zones, labeled alphabetically A through E.

Zone A

Zone A comprises two sections. One is front and center facing the stage, the other at stage left. In the front center, Zone A1 has 13 rows labeled A-M. In each row the lowest seat numbers are on the right as you face the stage, and the highest on the left. In Row A you’ll have 14 seats, while in Row M there are 61. The first five rows here are undivided, but from Row F there is an aisle running up the middle.

The section on the left of the stage as you’re facing it is section A2, which has 10 rows labeled C-L. In each row the seats are numbered from right to left, with 1 being closest to the center. In Row C you’ll have 7 seats, while in Row L you have 20.

Zone B

Zone B is divided into six different sections of varying sizes and shapes. In the center are sections 3 and 4, divided by an aisle. There are 13 rows labeled A-M, but B3 is a roughly rectangular shape with 13 seats per row and B4 has 16 seats in the front row, 20 in the middle and 13 at the back.

On either side of these central zones are Zones B10 and B11 on the left, and B22 and B21 on the right. They offer varying numbers of seats and rows, according to each individual shape.

Zone C

Zone C comprises the outer zones on the lower level, numbered C12 on the left and C20 on the right. These are quite small sections and almost side on to the stage area. Seats in Zone C20 are numbered from A1 to A7 at the front, through M1 to M12 at the rear. Seats in Zone C12 are numbered from A through M, with about 8 seats per row.

Zone D

Zone D31 is called the Bleachers and offers 12 rows of non padded seats labeled A-L. It’s roughly rectangular, with 29 seats in each row, plus a few extra at the back. This zone is built around some infrastructure.

Zone E

Zone E is the General Admission area, called E31. It’s an unevenly shaped block situated behind the ADA seating area and to the right of Zone D.


There are 8 Boxes, railed off from each other but otherwise open. They offer spacious leather seats and wait service in the box, plus priority dining. They’re located behind Zones B11 and C12, on the upper bowl level to the left of the stage.

Luxury Suites

The 4 Luxury Suites offer great views of the stage as well in private, custom appointed alcoves. Suites 1 and 2 are behind Zone A1, on the right in front of Zone B22. Suites 3 and 4 are behind Zone B21, to the right of the ADA seats.

Each suite holds 12, and includes a range of amenities such as a private entrance, VIP parking and gate entry, in-suite concierges, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and access to exclusive Club areas.

Accessible seating

There’s a dedicated ADA area on the upper bowl level, in Rows F-R of Zone B22.
Wheelchair accessible seats may also be found in other parts of the amphitheater, at differing height levels.

VIP Season Tickets

The Mountain Winery also offers a range of VIP season ticket packages, ranging from Bordeaux and Vista seats to Platinum and Luxury Suites. Bordeaux VIP seats are located in Section B10 in the lower bowl and come with similar amenities to the Suites. Vista VIP seats are located in Section B22, where you’ll get great views of the stage.

Where are the best seats at The Mountain Winery?

The best VIP seats come with the Platinum package, and are located front and center of the stage in Zone A1. This package contains all the VIP amenities and more, but if you’re just up for a one-off gig then the Bleacher seats offer the best views. You’re further away, of course, and you’ll need a cushion for the non padded seats, but you’re head on to the stage and can see and hear everything. Amphitheater acoustics are designed to reach the back with ease, so no worries there!

The General Admission area E31 also offers good sight lines, but some people prefer the far right Zone C20 or B21. Sitting here, you’ll be close to the stage and can also see the backstage entrance with performers waiting in the wings.