Get The Led Out – Tribute Band at Mountain Winery

Get The Led Out - Tribute Band Tickets

Mountain Winery | Saratoga, California

Are you ready to rock out to the Mighty Zep?? Get The Led Out the Tribute Band comes to Mountain Winery on Friday, October 6th, 2023. Grab your tickets right now, this is gonna be absolutely magnificent, as these seven musicians faithfully re-create pitch perfect studio renditions of the greatest band to ever walk the earth! Bringing to life, on huge concert stages like you've never seen before, Get The Led Out will blow you away with their supreme guitar riffs, and sublime vocals! And don't get the wrong end of this band, this is no impersonation act, they were and still are fans first, and they have made it their mission to bring you The Zep, in the finest, biggest, loudest way possible for everyone to enjoy!

Get The Led Out - Tribute Band at Mountain Winery

If you’re a led head, you’ll be pleased to know there are more than a few Led Zeppelin tribute bands out there. However, experience has shown, and so has ticket sales, that one of the best of the tribute bands has to be Get the Led Out. Get the Led Out focuses on creating the most accurate studio renditions of the original Led Zeppelins hits. Stocked to the brim with talent, the seven band members tackle the layered guitar riffs, mandolins, harmonica, and challenging vocals with prowess.

Get The Led Out – Tribute Band comes to Mountain Winery on Friday, October 6th, 2023. Get the Led Out is a group of professional musicians, passionate about their love of the music of Led Zeppelin, have made it their mission to bring the studio recordings of "The Mighty Zep" to life on the big concert stages. As a tribute band, these guys are among the best of the Led Zeppelin tribute bands. These guys re-create the music of Led Zeppelin without fault.

Tribute bands have been around for more than 50 years, and many people used to view them as phony and fake. This perception has changed. The good tribute bands are doing very well. They are in high demand, and tickets to their shows often sell out. Over the last handful of years, there has been a surge in demand, and listing agents have watched as bookings grow to a flood. Popular demand is such, that you can now book just about any type of tribute band you want, ranging from the Rolling Stones, Adele and even Justin Bieber.

The history of tribute bands is a bit hazy, and because there is no definitive start point, there is a fair amount of controversy as to when and how they started. Some reviewers go to lengths analyzing the birth and growth of tribute bands, when an unbiased look at the music industry tells us that there have nearly always been tribute bands. Tribute bands primarily pay homage to a favorite artist, by imitating their persona and songs. This has dated back to when Elvis exploded onto the music world. While much disagreement exists on who was the “first” Elvis impersonator, Buddy Ocha is often credited with being the “original Elvis tribute artist.”. Similarly, The Beatles also had the most significant impact on the origin and history of tribute bands. Like Elvis, it isn’t easy to point out when and where the first Beatles' tribute band started. One name that stands out, originally developed as a marketing product, and pure luck grew, is a band called The Buggs. Arguably, the world’s first recognized tribute band, The Buggs was a group that started performing in the mid-1960s, and they certainly sounded very much like the Beatles and even released an album.

Get The Led Out - Tribute Band at Mountain Winery

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